VOLUX makes its First Debut at LDI 2022

Since the launch of VOLUX, many designers and integrators have had a growing curiosity about a new innovative line of lighting fixtures from the Dynamic Visual Solutions Group providing competitive features, attractive price points, and uncompromised performance.

In the lighting world, seeing is believing. With growing demand and increasing interest, we packed up our gear and headed out to Las Vegas where designers, end-users, and integrators could see the fixtures firsthand at LDI 2022. Being one of the industry’s largest tradeshows in the United States, the 2022 iteration of LDI was the largest in attendance and exhibitors since the COVID-19 shutdown. Signaling a strong return for the live events industry.

It was an action-packed weekend as attendees discovered never-before-seen fixtures, getting full hands-on demonstrations of the products. Visitors were able to meet the team face-to-face to establish confidence in receiving service and support in their investments.

In case you missed the show, here’s a recap of what we showed off.

STATITE 1000 Shines Bright

Statite 1000 shown at mid-zoom in full white

Our flagship Profile Moving Head took center stage at this year’s LDI. Its 1,000W cold-white LED engine showed off its true immense brightness throwing a narrow 5º beam at long distances with its max zoom at 55º flooding the ceiling with light throughout the entire section our booth was located in. Statite 1000 showcased its extensive feature set including CMY+CTO color mixing, full-wipe framing shutters with 180º rotation, dual prisms, and dual frost filters, and its complimentary gobos.

SPECTRA 300 Packs a Punch

Spectra 300 shown with minimum zoom at 3.5º at full open

The compact, yet-feature packed Spectra 300 drew attention to its compact size as provided an exceptionally narrow beam with powerful output from its 300W LED engine. Coming in at just 33lbs (15kg) and only 22″ in total height, the Spectra 300 luminaire offers an exceptionally wide zoom range from 3.5 – 46º giving it hybrid-like capabilities, and packs in full CMY+CTO color mixing flags along with an entirely separate dichroic color wheel featuring 11 complimentary colors for an extensive range of color mixing capabilities. Spectra 300 also features 22 total gobos, a rotating prism, and an iris.

Sisma Floods with Color

Sisma shown at minimum zoom in UV color

Like Spectra 300, Sisma ultra-compact size and brightness made visitors think twice about what their next wash fixture should offer. Sisma Z4 features seven (7) 60W Osram™ RGBW LED chips making it up to 30% brighter than its competition where 40W chips are traditionally used. Its zoom range is extensive providing a narrow 2.5º long-throwing beam to an extremely wide 60º wash. Despite the increased output and zoom range, Sisma continues to maintain a remarkably compact size and ultra-light weight of just 19lbs (9kg) with exceptionally quiet operation of just 43db (est.).

SPYRA’s Infinite Interest

The SPYRA is VOLUX’s very first fixture produced at its inception. It provides everything users want in a beam fixture, but takes it a step further by featuring a highly efficient 100W cold-white LED that provides powerful output for long-throw distances. Visitors were dazzled by its output combined with infinite pan/tilt capabilities and lightning-fast, precise movements. It maintains a compact footprint from a size and weight perspective being only 22 lbs, along with the ability to power-link up to 12 fixtures on a single 208V circuit.  All coming in an extremely attractive price point.

First Look – PHOZRA 300

With the ever-growing demand for IP-rated luminaires. We gave visitors a first-hand look at the Phozra 300, an IP65-rated 300W LED hybrid moving head providing an extensive range of features in a compact housing that can resist the elements. It features a zoom range of 3 – 35º with CMY color mixing, an independent color wheel with 8 complimentary colors, 20 gobos, and auto-focus.

Sneak Peek – Flaris Blade

Before its grand release, visitor’s got a first-hand look at the new FLARIS Blade. Our new IP65-rated strobe/pixel bar hybrid fixture that features 16 mappable RBGW pixel sections and 16 cold-white strobe sections for dazzling effects that can be controlled via DMX or ArtNet. It features 2W RGBW LED pixels and 5W cold-white COB LEDs tightly knit together at a pixel spacing of just 5mm, combined in a wide-angle tubular housing that delivers exceptional eye-candy optics for direct viewing and includes a flat milky diffusion filter for homegenized looks without visible pixels.

And Much More to Come…

“The responses and feedback we received regarding our fixtures were incredible.” Says CEO, Zach Delzotti. “We were able to connect with a variety of industry members including dealers, rep firms, designers, and production professionals to expand our network that best supports our growth and footprint.” Volux is excited to work with new partners and introduce new products coming in the near future.

Stay Tuned!

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