SPYRA Lights Up Asteria Arts & Music Festival

VOLUX Spyra LED Beam luminaires were used to light up the main stage at Asteria Arts & Music Festival. The 3-day, Central Florida-based boutique festival, takes a keen focus on providing a uniquely intimate, yet high-level energy experience. The 3rd iteration was the first to see a major upgrade in production to further enhance its experience for attendees that compliments the high-energy music the internationally renown talent.

Ocala, FL-based Guerrilla Production was tasked with providing turn-key production for Asteria including Sound, Lighting, Video throughout the festival. VOLUX Spyra was the fixture of choice as the primary workhorse for the main stage of Asteria.

Fourteen of these fixtures were placed strategically throughout the stage to provide both upstage and downstage with some units above the LED facade to optimal coverage and a beam of light anywhere you look on the stage. The stage incorporated numerous LED walls to truly enhance the visual experience for the attendees.

“The fixtures were extremely bright.” States Lighting Designer Jay Huleatt. “It was to see how comparable they were to higher-wattage discharge beams. The lights were able to cut right through the LED walls, even with Red. They provided a great throw of distance into the crowd and make the stage appear bigger than it really was.”

Power Efficiency played a key role for Asteria. Being a camping festival, the venue is in a remote area without access to shore power and limited road access. As a result, there was a limited amount of power available as the sound required a majority of the power. For Spyra, this was effortless, consuming no more than 150W of power, the team was able to power link multiple units on a single circuit, even allowing other fixtures and parts of the video system to operate on the same circuit.

“The Pan/Tilt speed of these things is completely unmatched, the fixtures are extremely fast and responsive and the infinite pan/tilt just adds that the extra level of creative flexibility,” Jay says. “The colors are vibrant and the prism really spreads out the beam to give a nice wide dispersion.

The fixtures were deployed all 3 days in an outdoor environment, 12 of them being under the stage roof and 2 others being in the open air. Spyra continued to offer critical reliability even with Florida’s notoriously adverse weather conditions.

Asteria Arts & Music Festival
Central Florida

Production Provider
Guerrilla Production Company – Ocala, FL

Owner / Project Manager
Chester Pigeon

Lighting Designer
Jay Huleatt

VOLUX Gear List

  • 14 x SPYRA
  • 42 x Optic-4IP LED Panels (from Sister LED Display Company, DVS LED)

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