VOLUX Fixtures Exclusively Illuminate Homebass 2022

The festival afterparty that’s a festival within itself. Is the best way to describe Homebass, which takes place every November alongside the Orlando iteration of Electric Daisy Carnival, EDC for short.

Like its Las Vegas counterpart, the Orlando edition of EDC has grown substantially since its debut in 2011 to become a destination festival with attendees coming from near and far. A staple within the Orlando music community, even to the point where locals know when EDC comes to town, it’s EDC week.

Unlike its Las Vegas counterpart, in which the event goes on from dusk until dawn, the Orlando edition ends at Midnight creating a void to keep the party going well into the daylight hours. There are plenty of pre- and after-parties to choose from across Orlando’s expansive nightlife venues. With Orlando being a top tourist destination for its well-known theme parks, also comes a wealth of destination resorts for tourists to stay in. Homebass revolutionizes the destination music festival and afterparty experience all under one roof. By orchestrating a full resort takeover at one of Orlando’s premier hotel destinations curated to festival attendees with accommodations, transportation to and from the festival, and of course… it’s own expansive selection of events with performances from some of the biggest names in Electronic Music.

2022 marks the fifth iteration of HomeBass, with record-breaking growth in attendance each year, HomeBass aims to take its experience to the next level and distinctly differentiate itself from other EDC week events. Not just with top-tier performances, but also with top-tier production that rivals other venues.

For 2022, HomeBass expands across four distinctive stages that spare no expense when it comes to visual elements. Lighting, Video, Sound and FX were provided by Guerrilla Production Co. Each stage was carefully designed by the company’s principal owner, Chester Pigeon. The designs embrace an immersive, yet energetic experience that gives Homebass its competitive edge over the rest. And fulfills the challenging technical requirements of artist riders to engage their audience.

Throughout the event, VOLUX fixtures can be found exclusively illuminating each stage from symmetrical aerial looks to washing the walls, to striking the crowd with blinding light. Stages 1 and 2 integrated both lighting and video, while stages 3 and 4 integrated exclusively video.

Stage 1, known as the Home Invasion stage, spans over 200-ft wide integrating unique V-shape angles giving a 3-dimensional look filled with visual elements upstage and overhead. For lighting, 48 VOLUX SPYRA luminaries are utilized as the main workhorse shooting beams in every direction of the 2,500-capacity room. Thanks to its immense brightness and exceptional power efficiency, only 1 circuit was required for each overhead section featuring 6 beams per section. Its ultra-fast movement combined with infinite pan/tilt capabilities, prism, and gobos expanded the creative flexibility for a dedicated beam fixture.

56 VOLUX Flaris Blade hybrid strobe/linear pixel bars were used for both strobe and pixel mapping effects. Reducing the number of fixture types for the entire stage down to just two. Upstage, the fixtures are creatively placed within the open gap of the LED screens leaving no dead zones for visuals. While the remainder were placed overhead for washing the audience. Whether using the RGBW segments or the center white strobe, the fixtures were insanely bright, with strobe FX being unique in themselves thanks to being independently mappable from the RGBW segments.

For Keylight, two Sisma Z4 beam wash fixtures were used to illuminate talent. The need for movement and a wide zoom range was critical for this event. As not all artists wanted to be directly lit but rather have the DJ equipment illuminated instead allowing a narrow focus directly on the equipment, and some artists even brought vocal artists onstage allowing the fixtures to be positioned where they needed to be. With its phenomenal CTO, skin tones were true and vibrant.

For video, over 600 LED panels from sister LED display brand, DVS were used to display video content. Furthering exclusivity when it comes to visuals at HomeBass.

Stage 2, known as the PlantBass’d stage, features a more intimate setting with decorative elements to emulate the jungle feel, but no corners were cut when it comes to the technical side of production. Wrapped with LED screens on stage and on either side of the audience. Eighteen Sisma Beam Wash fixtures were used for creative wash and beam effects. Sisma was bright, fast, and compact to help mitigate the limited ceiling height in the room.

Homebass @ Wyndham Orlando Resort
Orlando, FL

Production Provider
Guerrilla Production Company – Ocala, FL

Stage Designer
Chester Pigeon

Stage 1

Lighting Designer / Programmer 
Zach Delzotti [VOLUX USA]

Lighting Operator 
Jon Rojas

Gear List

  • 48 x SPYRA
  • 56 x FLARIS Blade
  • 2 x Sisma Z4
  • Control: 1 x GrandMA2 Full  + 2 x MA2 NPU
  • Video: 560 x DVS Optic-5IPX LED Panels + NovaStar MCTRL4K

Stage 2

Lighting Designer / Programmer 
Jay Huleatt

Lighting Operator 
Sean Baldwin

Gear List

  • 18 x Sisma Z4
  • Control: AvoLites Quartz
  • Video: 160 x DVS Optic-4IPL LED Panels + NovaStar VX1000

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