VOLUX Introduces SPECTRA 300 CMY Spot Luminaire

The latest addition to VOLUX’s growing line of innovative lighting is fixtures is the introduction of the all-new Spectra 300 Spot. A compact, powerful fully-featured, CMY spot luminaire that provides exceptionally crisp projections, a wide zoom range, and expansive color mixing capabilities.

At the heart of the Spectra 300 is a powerful 300-Watt, 7,000K cool-white LED engine that delivers 12,000 lumens of output through the advanced optics of the fixture. The LED engine has a 50,000-hour life expectancy, eliminating the need for lamp replacements, and comes with VOLUX’s signature 5-Year LED Engine warranty.

Spectra 300 features an astonishing 3.5 – 46º zoom range making it an ideal flexible solution for beam, spot, and wash applications when incorporating its linear frost filter. Its narrow 3.5-degree beam angle is achieved without the use of beam reducers or iris, allowing the fixture to maintain optimal brightness throughout the zoom range. The motorized zoom is quick and responsive with 16-Bit Auto-Focusing for precisely crisp projections that can be effortlessly maintained at various distances at virtually any beam angle.

To complement these crisp optics are 20 hand-selected gobos. Seven rotating interchangeable gobos, and 13 static metal-stamped gobos. All of which can offer stunning effects with gobo-morphing capabilities using the focus. An 8-facet circular prism can intensify effects both mid-air and on surfaces as well as a 16-blade motorized Iris with 3 pre-built macro FX for beam flexibility.

The Spectra 300 features a CMY color mixing system with added linear CTO, complimented with 11 dichroic colors on a dedicated color wheel for an extremely wide range of color capabilities. Despite its compact size, all CMY/CTO flags and the dichroic color wheel are completely separate and independent as would typically be found in larger profile fixtures, allowing near-limitless multi-layering of colors. As a result, Spectra can offer exceptionally deep, saturated colors with precise color temperature control.

A 16-bit linear dimmer provides smooth dimming. An electronic strobe provides various strobe, pulse, and random effects at a variety of speeds. Spectra features DMX adjustable dimming modes and PWM management with an LED refresh rate of up to 13,000Hz to ensure a flicker-free appearance on cameras. The unit is designed for quiet operation with DMX adjustable fan modes for noise-sensitive environments, this not only applies to the fans but also the internal components.

The pan/tilt movement is also quick despite being feature-packed and offers precise 16-bit fine control for accurate positioning with smooth slow movements when necessary.

With all of the features combined, the unit weighs a very manageable 33 lbs / 15 kg. The body is also very compact with the total height being 22.3-in / 568mm. The yoke head features convenient pan and tilt locks that can be locked at various angles for safe travel flexibility. There is 5-pin DMX XLR connectors along with PowerCON TRUE1 In/Thru connections for multi-unit linking. There are 2 omega brackets supplied as standard however a folding omega bracket-clamp is available for purchase that can save time during setup and teardown.

Overall, the Spectra enters the market with an array of uncompromised functionality, along with a compelling price point and warranty that will present extraordinary value from rentals to production, to installations.


Spectra is now available from VOLUX and its authorized dealers.

For more information and full specifications about Spectra, please visit: voluxlighting.com/spectra

For More Information, contact VOLUX:

866-212-5505 / sales@voluxlighting.com

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